Bru Haroo! Bottles first proper brew – a honey IPA

Today I bottled and mini-kegged my first properly brewed craft beer – I attempted to follow a traditional English style IPA recipe using English Pale malts coupled with Challenger and Goldings hops in the boil.

I couldn’t resist though and went a little off-piste after that by dry-hopping with some fresh Citra and also adding some organic English honey into the fermenter for balance and added Yeast action – I thought the worst that can happen is it will taste like Lemsip beer!

The original and final gravity readings make it about 5.5% ABV – it now needs at least 4 weeks in the mini-kegs and at 8 weeks in the bottles to condition and get some carbonation going on…

I’ll definitely be sharing it with family and friends over the Christmas period. Unfortunately it’s not for sale – I have no licences to do so. However if this and subsequent brews turn out alright you never know!

Bru Haroo! Thrice Hopped Honey India Pale Ale

Bru Haroo! Thrice Hopped Honey India Pale Ale