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Bru Haroo! For the Love of Craft Beers and Artisan Ciders

You’ve stumbled on a new web adventure – dedicated to a mutual appreciation and love of artisan and craft brews – be it a beer or cider. This site is for anyone, like me, that when they tasted their first craft beer or oak barrelled vintage cider they immediately knew what they had been missing and that life would never be quite the same.

Each day this site will have fresh content added – sourced from like minded individuals with a shared passion for craft brews!

There will be regular beer reviews, news articles, information on upcoming events and blogs added to this site and also on Bru Haroo’s Facebook Page and Twitter feed.

You can also easily promote your own beer or cider event or festival on this site – or submit an interesting news feature or press release – we hope this proves to be useful. Thanks for stopping by!

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What others are saying about Bru Haroo! – Some Recent Feedback

“Tremendous site and salivating looking and reading about all the great beers that are out there!  Do you have any tips on how to create great beers and do any of the top brewers share their secrets?”
Andy Stuttard, Surrey
“I started following your twitter feed back when the site had nothing much on it. It now looks like there’s some good and interesting stuff starting to get added.”
Jon Turle, Torquay
“Congrats on setting up this useful site – it would be good to open it up further to a community of like minded drinkers – let me know if you do as I would join – Cheers!”
Tony O’Brien, Dorset
“I like the site and look forward to more useful info being added over time. I’m actually more of a lager man myself and am hoping there will be more reviews added on these types of beer. Best”
Jamie Williams, Surrey

And finally, what’s Haroo! all about I hear one of you maybe ask?

Well it’s an exclamation of excitement when something positive happens to someone in a community – so an expressive word that goes off in my head when the first sip tells me this guy knows how to brew! Some also say the expression comes from Ireland – and is a cry of Victory when the battle has been won! So there you go… And Bru – well that’s just basic bad spelling!

Enjoy the site and happy drinking, brewing and living…

Paul Butler, founder and fellow brewer
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