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Bru Haroo! Top Rated Beers

These are the beers that I really really LOVE!

There are so many good craft beers around today – and with more and more getting created each day by more and more new and existing great breweries – the choice becomes almost too overwhelming for us enthusiasts.

I try so many good beers, but often these end up with 3 star ratings and below – to get a 4 or 5 star rating they have to be superb – showing that the brewer has true craftsmanship and has created something very special – they have to be beers that have their wonderful flavours and aromas etched in my memory!

A craft beer to me is just that – something created with true craftsmanship and skill – I’m not really bothered where it’s come from or how good their marketing is – if it gives pleasure to the palate it’s a winner!

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