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London Pale Ale

Brewed By Meantime

Bru Haroo! Comments

Always happier to have a 500ml bottle – so from the outset was annoyed by a mere 330ml serving. I find with great beers it can sometimes take half a bottle before the true depth of flavours shine through – before my palate adjusts and really gets familiar with my new found liquid friend. 

Now yes I could have had another lined up ready to pour or even purchased a 750ml bottle – so I had to calm down – I only had myself to blame and it wasn’t really Meantime’s fault – so let’s crack on…

Well it had a very satisfying gloopy pour into the glass – already a good sign. I was however getting earthy and metallic aromas – which weren’t actually off-putting and made me dream of Victorian London.

The taste was great – real sharp fruity hoppiness all rolled up together with a crisp bitter edgy finish. It also had a real fizziness to it that helped elevate the flavours beyond their known limits and also helped to create a really refreshing craft brew.

Something feels edgy about this beer – like it’s about to either implode or explode – it’s not stable or doesn’t feel balanced – but ultimately it’s these qualities that make it stand out and make me want even more

Unfortunately on this occasion the meagre allowance had been spent and I was left wanting.

BH! Rating
Meantime London Pale Ale

Meantime London Pale Ale

Beer Qualities

Citrusy / Fruity

Brewer’s Description

One hundred and fifty years ago the new bitter beer style, Pale Ale, was so popular that brewers had to import Californian hops to meet demand. Meantime London Pale Ale continues that tradition by combining lots of American Cascade and Centennial hops to give it a complex citrus aroma and buckets full of local Kentish Goldings to provide the bitterness that makes the style so refreshing. Together they conspire to assail the nose with a complex, heady mix of spearmint, grass and ‘hop sack’ aromas, fruity citrus flavours and a bitter finish that makes pale ale drinking a truly rewarding experience.

Food Pairing

Pale Ale should be drunk alongside foods that either have a bit of bite, such as mature cheese, penne arrabiata, or a bitter-leaf salad, or have a bit of body, like piping hot cannelloni,steak and kidney pie, and, of course, curry

  • Date May 21, 2013
  • Tags 4 Star, Beers, Golden Pale Ales, UK Golden Pale Ale
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