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Brewed By Thwaites

Bru Haroo! Comments

This is a very well balanced and perfectly brewed Golden Pale Ale. It’s a lovely light refreshing craft beer with plenty of sweet, citrusy and hoppy flavours upfront and with enough bitterness towards the end to make it an unmissable treat! For me perfect with lighting a BBQ and sipping away as the well marinated meats crack, hiss and pop in the flames..

Crafted with passion and skill this deserves a four star rating and is one of my current favourites!

BH! Rating
Thwaites Wainwright Pale Golden Ale

Thwaites Wainwright Pale Golden Ale

Beer Qualities

Citrusy / Fruity

Brewer’s Description

Exquisitely lovely golden ale. Named after Alfred Wainwright, the renowned Lakeland author who was born in Blackburn, Wainwright is a refreshing golden ale with subtle sweetness and delicate citrus fruity overtones. 4.1% ABV

  • Date May 20, 2013
  • Tags 4 Star, Beers, Golden Pale Ales, UK Golden Pale Ale
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