Cask Ale Week 2013 – Across Britain

When: 27th September to 6th October 2013

Where: Pubs Across Britain

Details:  Beer Academy Sommelier’s Annabel Smith and Craig Steven’s will be hosting events during Cask Ale Week.

Annabel will be working with Hydes Brewery hosting a Ladies Cask Ale and Chocolate Tasting launch event at the Coach and Four, Wilmslow on 26th September, and a beer and food evening with Black Sheep on 4th October. Craig will be hosting three Caledonian tutored tasting events in three different pubs in London on the same day 26th September!

Jeff Evans, Beer Writer, Editor and Presenter:

“Any pub that doesn’t stock cask ale, and look after it well, is really missing a trick. Cask Ale Week, therefore, provides the ideal opportunity for those pubs that have not yet switched on to the cask beer buzz to at last get in on the act and to start to revive the fortunes of their business.”
Jeff Evans, Beer Writer, Editor and Presenter

Pete Brown, author, columnist, blogger, consultant, broadcaster:

“Year after year, data we gather for the Cask Report shows that people who drink cask ale go to pubs more often and spend more money when they are there – they’re customers no pub can afford to be without! Cask Ale Week is a great opportunity to recruit more of them. Most people who don’t drink cask ale simply haven’t been given a reason to do so – they don’t have any real barriers against it. Special events that break the usual routine bring in more people who are happy to try new things.”
Pete Brown, author, columnist, beer blogger

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Cask Ale Week 2013

Cask Ale Week 2013