EeBria, a new online craft beer sales website launches

A new online beer sales website, EeBria, has been launched, promising consumers an easy-to-navigate site with “only the very best products from a range of hand-picked independent  producers  from across the UK, from Scotland to Cornwall”. is a new way to buy alcohol online – buying direct from the best small independent producers in the country, from craft breweries to artisan distilleries and English wines. When you order you are buying direct from the producer, and they ship direct to you, with a personal touch.

They currently only sell bottles but have got some fantastic producers including Kernel Brewery, The Celt Experience and Brew By Numbers in Bermondsey and the hottest new brewery at the moment Siren Craft Brew. Spirits include Sacred Spirits, the City of London Distillery and Strathleven Distillers.

EeBria chief executive, David Jackson, said:

“I would often hear about an interesting new drink, or a new brewery I wanted to try, but more often than not I wouldn’t be able to get hold of it, except perhaps by chance as a guest drink in some of London’s better pubs. It’s also, I think, nicer to have bottles to drink at home and share with friends on your own terms, plus it’s good to know you have a ready supply when you stumble onto a good thing. I thought there had to be a better solution for consumers and so I created EeBria.”

“We have selected the very best producers in the country, based on rigorous taste tests and industry research. There is nothing of poor quality on the site and we stand behind every producer 100%, supporting them in growing their business and getting the word out there about their products. Our model allows even the smallest producer to sell their product all over the country without disrupting their main operations.”

David Jackson, EeBria chief executive

EeBria draws a distinction with other online providers like Ales by Mail, Beer Hawk, and Beer Bods by having the beers ordered shipped directly from the producers, rather than via a distribution warehouse. It also doesn’t just focus on Craft Beers like the other online stores or clubs – offering Wine and Spirits as well.