BrewDog Reaches £3m Crowdfunding Landmark

BrewDog reaches £3m crowdfunding landmark as craft beer fans clamour for shares

Scotland’s largest independent brewery, BrewDog has officially broken its own crowdfunding record, raising £3m in two months through selling shares to beer fans with its innovative Equity for Punks scheme. The record-breaking start to the campaign takes the brewery three quarters of the way to reaching its ambitious £4m target in less than a third of the time it allocated to the programme.

The company Britain’s fastest growing food and drinks brand made 42,000 shares available to anyone to buy online at £95 each, ignoring traditional methods of funding to support its continued rapid growth. Unlike many crowdfunding programmes that simply look to raise donations in return for fringe benefits, BrewDog is offering equity in its business. The cofounders of the brewery, renowned for brewing bold and creative beers, plan to use the funds raised to further expand its new brewery, its burgeoning bar division and a new series of bottle shops across the UK.

BrewDog launched the crowdfunding initiative on Thursday 20th June in idiosyncratic style, driving a tank around the Bank of England with an army of craft beer fans in tow.

The Scottish brewery raised £1m on the first day of the punk offering as beer fans scrambled to buy equity in the business and the brewery is expecting a rush for shares following the announcement.

BrewDog employs 187 staff, has 12 bars and is on track to turnover £20m in 2013.
Investors receive a lifetime 5% discount in BrewDog bars and up to a 20% discount on BrewDog’s online shop.

Investors are also consulted on new products, new bar locations and are invited to the legendary BrewDog AGM.

Shares are available to buy now at