CrowdBrewed Launch Affiliate Partnership Page

CrowdBrewed, the go-to for craft beer crowdfunding in the US, is proud to announce the launch of its affiliate partnership page designed to assist campaigners and users alike with vital components for a successful fundraising and added overall operating success.

Many campaigners become overwhelmed when they realise the amount of effort and work that goes into building and marketing a crowdfunding campaign. Unlike the local store, rarely will you have donors walking “up and down the aisles.” By offering key affiliate resources, fundraisers have access to certain “ingredients” needed to run a business, push a product and develop a strategic marketing approach.

A successful campaign involves networking social media contacts, sending newsletters, having a planned and focused PR objective and press outreach. In order to get the most out of networking, the campaigner should establish and grow a contact base in advance.

CrowdBrewed’s CMO/CBO Mark Slattery explains,

“Having successfully raised a crowdfunding campaign in the past and having donated to a number of crowdfunding campaigns since, the key driver to success is engaging your contacts through a number of different avenues and social media outlets. It’s important to build the hype and to keep everyone informed of your progress as you approach your campaign launch date.”
Mark Slattery, CrowdBrewed CMO

To get more information on CrowdBrewed and its affiliate partners, please check out their website