Wild Berry Flavoured Cider added to Kingstone Press range

Cider maker Aston Manor has added a Wild Berry flavour to its Kingstone Press range, as it looks to bring new drinkers into the brand and category.

The company said it was an “authentic and quality product,” in contrast to the “multitude of exotic flavours (many of which) simply do not work with consumers.”

Wild Berry is a blend of berry flavours and Kingstone Press apple cider, made from apples grown in Malvern.

The company reinvigorated the Kingstone Press brand with new packaging and a record spend in a bid to boost consumer awareness, which includes a two year sponsorship deal with the England Rugby Football League.

“Wild Berry is the perfect addition to the Kingstone Press family,” said sales and marketing director, Glen Friel.

Aston Manor MD, Gordon Johncox, will be speaking at the PMA’s inaugural Cider Trends Summit in Bristol on 14 October this year. Tickets are available here.