Wold Top Brewery launches Tour de France beer

Yorkshire coast micro-brewery Wold Top Brewery has launched a beer to help celebrate the Yorkshire hosting ‘Le Grand Départ’ for the Tour de France in 2014,

Dubbed the ‘Yellow Jersey’ of cycling beers by staff at the Wold Newton microbrewery, Hello Vélo is a sparkling, crisp ale with an earthy spiciness and honeyed marmalade overtones and the perfect finish to a ride through Yorkshires wolds, moors and dales. It’s a completely British beer that is brewed with predominantly our own home grown barley, our own pure chalk filtered water and UK grown Goldings and First Gold hops.

Of the new beer, keen cyclist and brewery owner Tom Mellor said:

“It was important to us to celebrate the first Grand Départ from Yorkshire with a bespoke ale and we’re really pleased with the outcome. At only 4.2% ABV, Hello Vélo is the perfect finish to a ride through Yorkshire’s Wolds, Moors and Dales and is selling very well.”
Tom Mellor, Wold Top Brewery Owner