The new and improved Beer Genie website

Beer Genie, the British Beer & Pub Association’s website celebrating all things beer, has just launched it’s new revamped and mobile responsive web site. The change comes alongside the recent launch of Let There Be Beer, a new national campaign championing beer.

Alongside a contemporary and engaging new look, the huge range of information on Beer Genie has been re-organised into three main themes. For information aficionados and refugees from Wikipedia, there are Beer Facts, which gives the complete picture on beer styles, the history of beer and a host of other topics.

Beer Occasions showcases how beer can be the right drink for every big national celebration, and Beer & Food takes visitors through food matching, showing how beer is a great choice, whatever one are eating.

The new micro-site puts Beer Genie in the palm of your hand for the first time and completes the mobile picture, given the Genie’s presence on Facebook and Twitter.