Box Steam Brewery selling Prog Rock Porter

Box Steam Brewery has created a craft beer in partnership with award-winning progressive rock band Big Big Train.

The craft beer is named after the band and celebrates Big Big Train’s fans’ appreciation of fine craft ales. The prog rock community, which is well known for its interest in real ale and craft beers, has already embraced the collaboration.

Big Big Train is a dark brown porter and involves a contrast of the bitterness of roasted barley and malts with a subtle vanilla sweetness. The beautiful, dark oak-coloured ale produces a sweet molasses aroma, tasting rich and smooth with a hint of chocolate and comes in at 4.5% ABV

Big Big Train won the breakthrough award at the 2013 Progressive Music Awards and their latest album, English Electric: Full Power has just been released.

The beer is available exclusively at Big Big Train live events, from the Box Steam brewery shop and online