Butcombe Brewery Open Day in Bristol

When: 28th September 2013

Where: Cox’s Green, Wrington, Bristol, BS40 5PA

Details: Butcombe, the South West’s most innovative brewery, is once again opening its doors to celebrate the start of National Cask Ale Week. The event is the brewery’s way of saying thank you to the local community in Wrington and to all drinkers of Butcombe. Entry is free and the day includes: brewery tours, Morris dancing, live music and an open bar on three Butcombe cask beers, cold filtered Blond Premium and Ashton Press cider.

In previous years the Brewery has welcomed nearly 600 people and for the past two, the weather has been fantastic. Butcombe can’t guarantee the weather, but they can guarantee that everyone attending has an excellent time. The Story Meat Company, close neighbours of Butcombe, who farm all their own meat, will be selling a selection of delicious dishes on the day. Children will be able to enjoy tractor rides from the Brewery, to the fields of the Story Meat Company, along the lanes of Wrington.

So put the date in the diary and make sure you join the Butcombe team to celebrate a fantastic year.

Link: Butcombe Website and Butcombe Facebook Page