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Alligator Golden Ale

Brewed By Ascot Ales

Bru Haroo! Comments

I tried quite a few of Ascot Ales beers at the recent Surrey county show. There were some very interesting brews on offer – including a very rich and strong imperial stout. However it was a lovely sunny warm day and the Alligator Golden Ale seemed to be the most appropriate and refreshing beer at their stand.

I bought a couple and they’ve sat in the fridge for a few days now.

On pouring there are lovely “English pub” aromas – the beer has a small head that clears very quickly into nothing. The colour is orange and amber similar to most golden ales. It is a little bit cloudy – but there is sediment in the bottle – and I have stored it on it’s side in the fridge and poured every single drop from the bottle! I’m not too bothered by this.

The flavour is lovely – very decent and strong hoppy bitterness, crisp and very drinkable – a little malty and sweet – but a nostagic and very old school bitterness with some new world hoppiness! Carbonation is mild – and not far off a draught – which is OK

It’s not a polished beer or a professionally produced filtered clean beer – but it’s a beer that makes you proud to be British and a beer that makes you excited by what the small guys can produce!

BH! Rating
Ascot Ales Alligator Golden Ale

Ascot Ales Alligator Golden Ale

Beer Qualities

Citrusy / Fruity

Brewer’s Description

A Golden Ale with a wonderful hoppy nose from the Cascade Hops. It’s fresh, crisp, true to style with light carbonation and floral hoppy notes. This is a unique and very quaffable ale indeed. 4.6% ABV

  • Date June 5, 2013
  • Tags 3 Star, Beers, Golden Pale Ales, UK Golden Pale Ale
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