London Vegan Beer Fest – Bethnal Green

When: Saturday 13/07/2013

Where: St Margaret’s House, 21 Old Ford Rd, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9PL.

Details: Craft beer aficionados and vegans are poised to descend on Bethnal Green on Saturday 13th July, 2013 as the unique and highly anticipated London Vegan Beer Fest celebrates hops, food and music.

The gorgeous lawn, hall and chapel of St. Margaret’s House on Old Ford Road will be filled with revellers enjoying beverages supplied by eight handpicked breweries from London and beyond. Whether it is a cold keg beer from Manchester or a bottled porter from Pocklington, craft beer enthusiasts will have no shortage of irresistible brews from which to choose.

Vegans can rejoice in the knowledge every beer for sale on the day is guaranteed by the brewers to be free of animal products.

Animal-derived finings are often used in the production of many alcoholic beverages but these will be absent from every pint, bottle, keg and cask appearing at London Vegan Beer Fest.

In addition, the staff of legendary vegetarian eatery The Gallery Café will fire up a vegan BBQ allowing attendees to feast on mouth-watering veggie burgers, seitan skewers and potato salad as live acoustic music fills the festival.

Time: Midday until 10pm