Meantime Brewing “BrewFest” – Greenwich

When: July 31st and August 3rd & 4th

Where: The Old Brewery, The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London

Details: Meantime Brewing launches “BrewFest” a three-day event this summer to celebrate modern craft beer and brewing.

Meantime’s BrewFest will take place over three days – on July 31st and August 3rd & 4th – at The Old Brewery, in the grounds of the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

The event will feature three main bars, representing craft beer from London, America and Europe. Over 100 different beers will be on offer, from rare speciality brews through to firm favourites. Londoners will be able to sample a wide variety of different craft beers and experts will be on hand to suggest beer and food pairing options.

With a number of Meantime sommeliers on site, including Jack Stones, the UK’s youngest beer sommelier, expert discussions will be held three times a day at 2.30pm, 3.30pm and 4.30pm on ‘The rise of craft beer in the USA’, ‘History of brewing in London and Greenwich’ and ‘Development of Modern European Brewing’.

Richard Myers, Marketing Director at Meantime says:

“The craft beer revolution started 30 years ago in the USA and is now an international movement. New breweries are using the finest raw materials and leading technology to recreate historical styles with a new twist. We want to create something to showcase quality beers from around the globe, bringing them into one place for people to enjoy, in a relaxed environment.

Meantime’s BrewFest will be a coming together of people who have thirst for a more premium product and who already enjoy flavoursome beer. There has probably never been a time when a greater number of diverse beer styles have existed and our accredited sommeliers will be on hand to talk through the styles, tastes and flavour profiles of over 100 different beers.”

Richard Myers, Meantime Marketing Director

A BrewFest Voucher for £15 (£12 in advance) will buy:

  • A programme and tasting notes of all the beers
  • Meantime branded glass
  • 6 beer tokens (1/3rd pints)
  • 1 food token

More beer tokens (1/3rd pints) can be bought for:
£4.80 for three tokens or £9.00 for six tokens

The food available will represent the areas the craft beers are sourced as follows:

  • USA – Chilli & corn chips
  • Europe – Drei im Wickla (Nuremburg sausage & mustard in a bun)
  • London – Pie, mash & liquor

all for £4.80 each or one food token

BrewFest vouchers can be bought with the early bird discount for only £12 by calling 0203 327 1280 or via the online shop

For more info, keep tuned to our social channels and with #BrewFest